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So how do we help improve your search engine optimisation?


Keyword Research

Phase 1 begins with analyzing your existing SEO and site content. Thereafter, we perform keyword research and develop a SEO strategy to improve your SEO.

Before implementing the strategy we setup our 24/7 reporting in order to get a “base” position so that we can track our own performance against your current base positions and so that you can monitor your real-time performance.

This phase takes approx 1 month. It is vital to get the initial strategy right, as changing strategy is a time consuming process and the SEO strategy infers every following decision about how we structure the site and the content going forward.

Phase 2¬†is where we perform what is called “On-site SEO”. On-site SEO is where we get your current website content and code structured correctly to inform Google and other search engines as to what your website is all about. You can view it like speaking the same language. On-site SEO makes sure that your website is telling Google that right things so that Google knows what you are trying to rank for.

On-site SEO includes Headings, Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, Alt Tags, Keywords, URL structures, Navigation, Deep Link… to name a few.

This phase takes approx 1 month depending on the site of the website, number of pages and current state of the website.

On-site Tagging

Content Creation

Phase 3 is where we move into content generation. In order to get all of the keywords that you are trying to rank for to be seen by Google, we need to generate pages that talk directly to the keyword we are trying to rank. Initially, in phase 2 we use the existing content you have on your website and structure it accordingly, but eventually you will need to generate more content to be able to target other keywords and that is where blogging comes in.

Depending on your package, we will write X number of blog posts (and add a blog to your website if it doesn’t exist) so that we can building up your volume of content and load more keywords into your website.

If you imagine a fishing net, the more patches you have to your net, the more fish you are going to catch. SEO is similar, in that the more unique pages (targeting unique keywords with unique good content), the bigger your “net” and the more traffic you are going to get to your website. You cant expect to have a 1 page website that attracts lots of organic traffic.

This phase is ongoing.



Phase 4 is the “Off-site” SEO phase. Off-site SEO, as the name suggests, is SEO that happens away from your website. Typically this involves writing content that we place on other high traffic (and high page rank) websites that point back to your own site.

Google likes websites that other good websites link back to, they see this as a way of determine how much of an authority your website is in your industry.

Out Rank has access to networks of websites that we use to increase your inbound links in a way that Google likes. Some SEO firms abuse this form of SEO and your website can be penalized for using low quality back links. We use credible, legitimate back linking which does take longer, but ultimately will yield better long term results and avoid Google penalties.

Off-site Link Building